Mr & Mrs Koomar

Mr & Mrs Koomar

Mr & Mrs Koomar

“I highly recommend Russ for any house move. We could not have moved in a week without Russ’s help”.

How was the survey? Were we thorough? Did we put you at ease answering your questions?

We never used a removal company before and did not know what to expect. Russ was very professional and friendly. He did explain how the service works and answered all of our questions. He came back to us with a quote quickly so we could make an informed decision. We only contacted Russ a week before our move and his quick response was very important to us.

On your pre pack, did we use floor protectors? did we show due diligence when packing fragile items? Did we label the boxes? Did we part load your items? Did this help to de-stress you?

Russ and his colleague arrived on time and used floor protectors on the carpet. All fragile items were packed, moved and delivered without a scratch. All boxes were labelled clearly. Before the move day, most of the boxes were pre-loaded in the van which meant that we were less stressed and knew that we would be able to leave the house on time. Russ and his colleague ensured that all necessary items for the next day were left in the house. For example, beds, toiletries, food items were left until moving day.

On your moving day did we dismantle and reassemble any furniture? Did we transport any special or sentimental items? Did we handle your items with care?

On moving day, Russ and his colleague were very supportive. It was an emotional day but Russ took care of everything. We got the keys 2 hours early and Russ had packed everything so we could move into our new house earlier than expected. All furniture were assembled at the new house. Extra care was taken when taking furniture upstairs.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I highly recommend Russ for any house move. We could not have moved in a week without Russ’s help. Russ is knowledgeable, provides recommendations and executes tasks in a timely manner. Russ is very patient and focussed. Even with little children around, he was able to get the job done well before moving time. We cannot thank Russ enough for all his help and wish him all the best in his business endeavours.

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