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Moving with Children

Moving with Children

Moving with children of any age can be stressful, particularly if you are moving out of your local community. However, there are plenty of things you can do to guide your children through the process. 

1. Before your move talk to your children about what the move will be like, and what the removals process will entail. Ask them if there is anything they are nervous about? You can then start to put their minds at ease early in the process so they are not unprepared or shocked. Talk to them about the new area try and find some fun and exciting activities that they may enjoy close to your new home.

2, Let them be part of the process, younger children especially benefit from transitional exercises. Let them help with packing or start talking to them about colours for their new bedroom, you can even take a break from the packing and make them a castle out of the boxes. Involving your children in the move makes them feel more in control and will help them through the moving process.

3. The day before your move ask your children to make up a bag of items that they want for moving day such as ipads, phones, teddies, a blanket, colouring books are all firm favourites of many children. This will make sure they have what they need for the duration of your move and will help to destress them and make them feel more comfortable.

Try and keep to the same meal and bedtimes as in your previous home, children feel very secure once in a regular routine.

4. On your moving day if possible, try and keep children in one room as there will be unfamiliar people in their home and moving can be noisy. Keeping your children together will make them feel safe. Regularly check on your children and explain how the day will go, again the more information they have the easier they will find the process.

5. Unpacking can be a very fun experience especially for smaller children so including them in the process is a great way to acclimatise them to their new surroundings.

6. Take your children out for a walk in the local community so they can start getting used to what is around them, making a treasure map and trying to find landmarks is a great way to make it fun for them.

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